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My name is Phill Monson, and I won't talk about myself in the third-person, so this is more of an auto-biography: I started a love of photography around 2008 after I graduated college and went on a three-week trip to Europe with my first DSLR camera. After that, I was hooked. I was introduced to the wonders of my own backyard, the desert Southwest, and have enjoyed many photography adventures there since. I love to travel, and have found that photography allows me to capture, remember and share memories with myself, friends and family. I hope you enjoy browsing through my images that I have worked hard to capture, and find inspiration and meaning in them. 

I'm a very social person, so please feel free to follow me though the various social media outlets and keep up to date with my photography adventures!

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For those interested, my current gear includes:

Canon 6D






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